Collecting - How to add a customer's points after a transaction?

There are two ways that you can add a customer's points after a transaction has been completed, you would encounter this case when a customer has made a purchase but they forgot to check in or scan their app

Add points immediately after a transaction has been completed

  • As soon as you finish a transaction, while you are still on the screen below, click on the text that says "Email Receipt and Collect Points"
  • Enter the email and name of the customer, if the customer already has an account the points will be added to the account associated with that email. If they don't yet have an account then a new account will be created for them with that email address.

Add points at a later time 

  • If the customer comes back at a later time and wants points added then you would first need to go to the Customers tab, found on the bar on the left hand side of the screen.
  • Search the name, email, or phone number of the customer in question and click on them. 
  • A module will come up on the right hand side, select the Loyalty tab and then Edit beside their point total
  • Add or deduct points as you see fit, enter a reason for the points adjustment, press Save.