Reporting - Tagging Items for Reporting Purposes

You can utilize the tag feature to tag all items you want to track. When you add a tag to an item you will be able to search by this tag in the Item Quantity Summary Report. This is helpful if you want to track sales categories, for example, you might tag all drinks with a "drink" tab and all food with a "food" tab. This will then let you see total sales and quantity sold for food and drinks.

  • First go to the Products tab
  • Click on an item that you want to trackAn Edit Item screen will pop up, when it does, enter the tag that you want to assign to that item. Ex: Cup
  • Screen-Shot-2019-12-03-at-2-44-34-PM.png
  • Repeat for each item that you want to track
  • To view data on these tags click on the Reports tab
  • Go to the Item Quantity Summary Report, in the search bar type the name of the tab. Ex: cup
  • The data on the sales of the cups can be found there