Printing Nōwn Gift Cards

Interested in enrolling in the Nōwn gift card program? Everything that you need to know can be found below!


The design is all yours! You design front, Nōwn provides the requirements for the back of the card. You may make modifications to the back but the minimum legal requirements must still be present. You may choose your own printer and designer, provided that they can meet all of the card requirements. If you wish to be connected with a printer, we can connect you with our preferred partner. If you wish to be connected, please contact your sales representative!

Regardless of which printer you choose, Nōwn must first approve the back of the card before any printing is done. Once the card is approved Nōwn will send the gift card numbers directly to the printer. Only the gift card numbers that Nōwn provides may be used on the gift cards, no other numbers may be used. The printer must destroy the card numbers immediately upon gift card printing and no one else will receive these gift card numbers. The merchant may not see the gift card numbers ahead of time due to security protocol. 

Gift Card Requirements

  • The back of the gift card must contain the following elements: the legal text, the "powered by nōwn" text in the bottom right hand corner, and the PDF417 Barcode on the left hand side. Please note the barcode must be in PDF417 format. No other format is accepted.
  • Text must indicate that gift cards are not refundable.
  • You are to substitute in the: name of your business, your email address, and your website. The addition of any text such as: this card may only be used in Canada, may be added by the printer after the legal text. We do not do any design ourselves and any additions such as this would be made by the printer.
  • You may add that the that the card was issued by you as well as any copyright information, you are the issuer of the card so you own the liability. You can also add anything to the legal text that you need, our wording is just a template that you can follow.
  • You must include legal terms and conditions on your website regarding the  and the link to this will be shown on the back of the card. 

Once the design for the back of the card is completed and meets all these requirements, please submit the following form for approval!

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