Before You Begin: Configuration Types

Configuration Types and Required Hardware

The following components make up every POS station. For optimal results you should have all of these peripherals. 

An exception does exist here and that is if you use a Windows based solution, that would not require an iPad and stand but rather a Windows tablet and display. Two Windows based solutions that we support are the: HP Engage Bundle and the Touch Systems POS Bundle. 

  • iPad
  • iPad Stand
  • Receipt Printer  
  • QR scanner
  • Electronic cash drawer
  • A credit card terminal (purchased from your payment processor).

  • There are four possible hardware configurations that you can choose for your POS, the way each of them vary is in how you connect your printer and scanner.

    1. Configuration 1: Ethernet Printer: Your printer is plugged in via ethernet and it communicates with the iPad by being on the same network, the scanner is connected to the iPad via a dongle.
    2. Configuration 2: Bluetooth printer: You connect your printer to the iPad via bluetooth, the scanner is connected to the iPad via a dongle. 
    3. Configuration 3: MPOP/MC-Print 3 Bundle: You use an MPOP (cash drawer & printer combo) or an MC-Print 3 (printer) that connects to your iPad via bluetooth. The scanner plugs into the printer. 
    4. Configuration 4: Windows Bundle: scanner and printer connect via USB to the Windows Device.