Station Set Up Toggles

Receipt Settings: This setting allows you to customize the appearance and the workflow of your transaction receipts. You can always go back and change this later so don’t worry about getting it perfect the first time!

Note: The “Separate Item Receipts on Secondary Printer” feature is very helpful for making sure your inventory can be as current as possible to facilitate tracking and selling of those items.

Enhanced Security Features: We highly recommend enabling this feature which will enable all enhanced security features like Requiring a PIN input for operations such as: Refunds, Voids, Payout, Opening Cash Drawer, Closing Station, and Cancelling Transactions. It also enables the Loss Prevention Report.

Note: Once you set your pin (which is done later in the setup process), you need to make sure you remember it, your pin is very important.

Expedited Ticket Printing: By default, item receipts are sent to kitchen printers when the customer pays for the full order. Turn this on to send the item receipts upon entering the payment page. However, please note that a potential consequence of this is if the customer changes their mind and wants to change their order after you ask them for payment, another receipt will be printed when they go to pay again.

Enable 'Other' Payment Option: This is an important feature to enable if you are planning to accept orders via Ritual, UberEats, Skip The Dishes, or related vendors. This allows you to keep track for your accounting records without having to make manual notes of it.

When you enable the other payments option, a “Define other tenders” option will pop up. Type in the names of  the tender type you’ll be using in the field provided. This is a good way to keep a track of an inclining cash balance tab that a certain customer is running. Example: you’re able to see that Jen ran up a tab of $103 over the past month.

TIP:  You can use Other Tender Labels here to create House Accounts for VIP customers.  Use the Sales report to keep track of these accounts