Station Set Up

Take your time through this step as the settings you choose here will have a direct impact on how the POS will work for you. The most important part of the settings is making sure the hardware is set up. Once in this Station Setup Tab press the “+Add Stations” button, you will need to add a station for each POS station in your storeIt is very important that you create a station otherwise you won't be able to conduct transactions. Make sure to remember to give each station you add a very distinct name so there is no confusion when selecting which station you want to open. Later on this is where you will configure your printer and terminal for that POS station. Follow the step by step instructions in the related articles below, be sure to select the printer configuration that applies to you.

Note: If you do not have all the hardware yet you can skip the hardware set up but make sure to come back to that later

IMPORTANT: Please note that you cannot be logged into the same station on multiple devices using the same account. For example: you can't open "POS Station 1" on two separate devices using Bob's log in. This will cause the printer and credit card terminal to not work properly.