Merchant Information

In this section you will be able to switch on features such as the Kitchen Display System which allows orders to automatically be delivered to the kitchen to another iPad and also holds orders which allows customers to stow orders for later. You’ll also be entering key information such as:

  • Operating hours
  • Contact information for manager and owners
  • The email you want the end of shifts reports sent to
  • Your tax rate

Operating hours are important to add because they change the visibility of your menu based on the mobile order menu. If your store is closed, it won’t show up in Mobile Orders.  

Note: Please double check you input your tax rate otherwise you won’t be able to continue! 

Note: if you sell prepared foods please make sure you check off that toggle. When this toggle is on our system does the HST “rebate” that you are eligible for at the transaction level. Meaning under $4, it calculates the appropriate tax so you don't have to submit to CRA for rebate. This is only if you are in Ontario. The option to switch on this toggle won’t show up if you’re in another province.