Cash Drawer Set Up

If you have a separate electronic cash drawer please follow the instructions below. Please note the Star Micronics MPOP is both a cash drawer and a printer so no set up of the cash drawer is required. 

Step 1) Plug the cash drawer into the printer 

Please ensure that the cash drawer cable is plugged into the cash drawer and into printer. When you plug in the cable you should hear a click as it snaps into place. There should be an end labelled cash drawer, and another end labelled printer, make sure each side of the cable is plugged into the correct side. 

If there are no labels then any way you plug it in will suffice. 

Step 2) Configure the printer in Nōwn,

Once you have plugged your cash drawer into your printer, set up the printer in Nōwn based on the instructions for that interface type.