Holding and Retrieving Orders with Nōwn

With the held orders feature, you can create, edit and save an order before completing the sale. Held orders are useful if your customer's at checkout and then wants to go back to grab something else. You can easily continue serving other customers in line and return to the held order whenever you're ready.  When the customer returns, you can find their order by tapping the held orders icon and finding your open order.

Before you begin please make sure that you have enabled Hold Orders. To do this, select the Set Up icon, then General info. Scroll down and ensure that the Enable Holding Orders toggle is turned on.

How to Hold Orders at Checkout

1) Tap “Hold” and it will take you to this screen

2) Here you can enter details and add comments about the order.

Once the customer is ready, retrieve the held order from the 
home screen with the

1) Held Orders tab. Tap "Order" to continue and add more items or complete the order to pay

2) If there are changes to your customer’s order, you can update the held order. From here you can save the order, then procede to checkout.

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