Can't open the app

When you try to open the POS for the day, if it won't open and just keeps loading indefinitely it means that there is no internet connection. Although the app can work in offline mode, it does need data/wifi to start up. Some tips to check your connection can be found below. 

Check your internet connection

  • Is there internet in your store? If the whole system is down contact your internet provider. Also check to see if the router is plugged in, often times an employee will unplug it by accident and no one will be aware.
  • Is you iPad connected to the correct network and is there a connection? It is very important that your iPad did not connect to an alternate network. Further, you may be connected to the internet but there may be no connection, please go to to do an internet speed test. If the speed is 0 it means that there is no connection.
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